“A Writer’s Workshop”
Presented by
the Editorial Committee of WMIP

15 July 2013

“Writing is a form of therapy; sometimes I wonder how all those who do not write, compose or paint can manage to escape the madness, melancholia, the panic and fear which is inherent in a human situation.”     
Graham Greene

Have you often wanted to write for publication – or just to help you get your ideas about your work clearer? Have you come up against the thousand and one barriers to writing which all writers have experienced since we first learned to put stylus to papyrus? Are you doing a course that challenges you deeply to express yourself convincingly in writing? Or are you just curious about it?

If so, the Editorial Committee would like to welcome you to a writer’s workshop, in which they will be presenting, with all humility, some of the ways they have found to overcome barriers to writing. And we hope you will share some of your concerns, ideas and successes with us, and with each other.

Writing for psychotherapists is probably more fraught than most types of writing. At least, it has its own particular problems and creates its own particular angst. Graham Greene is surely right in warning us, of all people, of the dangers of not writing!

We hope to cover topics like: practical advice on writing for publication – how do I deal with confidentiality? – how should writing be presented for publication? – how long? how short? how theoretical? how do I start? and the like. But also we hope to think around the issue of writing as an effort of consciousness, often in a situation where consciousness, and our capacity to think, are under severe challenge. We will be thinking, too, about how far writing for a Journal seems a rather portentous, and perhaps persecutory, activity, and how far we can moderate that intimidating image in our minds into something more homely – more do-able.  And above all, we want to ask you to write. Just write – and see how it feels!

The presenters are:

  • Elizabeth Simpson (Jungian analytical psychotherapist in private practice in Leamington Spa)
  • Diane Bhurruth (Jungian analytical psychotherapist in private practice and in the NHS in Nottingham)
  • Carrie Worrall (in training in Jungian analytical psychotherapy.

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