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Professional WMIP Members have been through WMIP's own training or another similar analytic training and can therefore be recommended for analytic psychotherapy. Members are registered with either:

UKCP - The UK Council for Psychotherapy or
BPC - The British Psychoanalytic Council or both organisations.

The listing also includes CA Clinical Associates who are not accredited by WMIP but are otherwise qualified in psychodynamic training, with an interest in psychoanalysis.

WMIP member psychotherapists in Warwickshire

Psychotherapy and counselling in Warwickshire

Mrs Colette T Abberley UKCP
Psychodynamic Psychotherapist
11 Starcross Close
Coventry, CV2 3LZ
Tel: 07368 367494
email: colletteabberley@gmail.com

Mr James BarrettUKCP
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist Jungian
94 Upper Holly Walk
Leamington Spa,
Warwickshire CV32 5AG
Tel: 01926 316 178
email: james.barrett1@btinternet.com

Maureen CampbellUKCP BPC
Psychodynamic Psychotherapist
59 Keresley Road
Tel: 024 76331318 (W/H)
email: maureen.campbell30@ntlworld.com
website: www.maureencampbell.com

Mrs Mary KentUKCPBPC
Jungian Analytical Psychotherapist
Tel: 07597 382594

Patricia Lloyd UKCP
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist
27 Spon Street
CV8 2E2
Tel: 01327 879524 and 077380 62330
email: trish.lloyd@btinternet.com
web: http://southmidlandscounsellingandpsychotherapyservice.com

Hellen MabhikwaBPC
Jungian Analytical Psychotherapist
2 Elisabeth Court
Beaconsfield Street West
Leamington Spa, CV31 1EA
Tel: 07432 33 7614
email: hellenfair@aol.com
website: www.warwickpsychotherapy.com

Mr William E Meredith-Owen BPC
Analytical Psychotherapist
Boscobel, Hatton Rock,
Warks, CV37 ONU
Tel: 07814 143473

Mr John NicholasUKCP BPC
Jungian Analytical Psychotherapist
15 Heath Terrace
Leamington Spa,
Warks, CV32 5NA
Tel: 01926 452 891

Ms Elizabeth SimpsonUKCP
Analytical Psychotherapy
49 Holly Street,
Leamington Spa,
Warks, CV32 4TT
Tel: 01926 770 872

Jinny Sumner BPC
Analytic Psychotherapist
42 Portland Place East,
Leamington Spa,
Warwickshire, CV32 5ET
Tel: 07766 775179
Email: jinnysumner@btinternet.com
Web: www.jinnysumner.co.uk

Ms Carrie Worrall UKCPBPC
Jungian Analytical Psychotherapy
Springfield House
8 Newbold Street
Leamington Spa, CV32 4HN
Tel: 07939127433

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