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Professional WMIP Members have been through WMIP's own training or another similar analytic training and can therefore be recommended for analytic psychotherapy. Members are registered with either:

UKCP - The UK Council for Psychotherapy or
BPC - The British Psychoanalytic Council or both organisations.

The listing also includes CA Clinical Associates who are not accredited by WMIP but are otherwise qualified in psychodynamic training, with an interest in psychoanalysis.

WMIP member psychotherapists in Northern Ireland

Psychotherapy and counselling in Northern Ireland

Cheryl TowersUKCPBPC
Jungian Analytical Psychotherapist
Crescent Psychotherapy Centre
5 Crescent Gardens
Queens Quarter
Northern Ireland
Tel: 0773 9699 284 (W)
email: cheryl.towers@btinternet.com
website: www.cheryltowerspsychotherapy.co.uk


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