TCPP Infant Observation Experience

"If you ever you get a chance to take part in an infant observation I would say put aside your anxieties and allow yourself to embark on a truly rich and unforgettable journey."  TCPP Student 2012

This free standing component of the TCPP training is compulsory for trainees but can also be undertaken by candidates who are either interested in training or by practitioners who wish to enhance their professional practice.

This is an opportunity to undertake and record weekly observations of a baby or young child over the course of nine months, and to reflect on this experience in a small seminar group. The course gives a unique insight into the internal world of the infant or young child in a way which supports and informs both clinical practice and personal development. Our discussions will be further informed through reading of a small selection of papers on child development and psychoanalytical theory.

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"The sensitivity, thoughtfulness and skill of the course leaders made this a rich learning experience."  TCPP Student 2012

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