Summer Conference 2009

"Subversions of the Self: Some Thoughts About the State We're In"

Speaker: Jane Cheshire

 Saturday, 5th September 2009

Compton Verney, Warwickshire CV35 9HZ

The paper is linked to the exhibition entitled “Subversive Spaces"

Surrealism emerged out of the trauma and devastation of the First World War. It represents a collapse or an overthrow of a prior order. At the same historical moment Freud wrote Mourning and Melancholia, a paper that laid a cornerstone of contemporary psychoanalytic understanding. The capacity to recognise and mourn the loss of an other, to tolerate difference, to accept limitations and to bear frustrations, so necessary for psychical well being, is imperiled today in a culture of narcissism in which anything is possible, and everything, including ourselves, can be commodified. This paper begins by exploring the relationship between psychoanalysis and surrealism. It goes on to consider contemporary themes in surrealism and how they might shed light on aspects of therapeutic work.

Jane Cheshire is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist in private practice. She is a training therapist and supervisor at the Severnside Institute for Psychotherapy and for WMIP. She has a background as a lecturer in Fine Art and a continuing interest in the psychoanalytic understanding of the generation of cultural artifacts.

The Conference format comprises a private viewing of the surrealist exhibition, entitled “Subversive Spaces", time to see the rest of the gallery and visit the magnificent ‘Capability’ Brown landscaped gardens. Lunch will follow, after which Jane Cheshire will present her paper, followed by discussion and the final plenary.



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