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"Fused relating: Working with externalised states of mind"
Presented by Lee du Plessis

Monday 16 May 2016

This meeting was for WMIP members only

This talk explores a four year psychotherapeutic relationship with a young woman who was simultaneously alienated and fused. She was alienated from herself and dependent on adhering to others in order to survive. Consequently, her capacity for thought, the creation of meaning, and the very orientation of herself in the world were seriously impaired. She was unable to lead an independent autonomous life, struggling with an infantile sense of self which remained unrecognised by her for a long time.

In the paper I examine the soma and its relationship to the capacity to symbolise, along with the consequent reliance on enactments when this capacity is impaired. Included in this thinking is the examination of the patient?s extreme dependence on externalising her psychic distress, particularly with regard to her body.

Finally, of great importance to the work has been the patient?s dream-world which provided a connection to her infant self, an experience from which in conscious life she was severely dissociated. I also explore her dream-language which became a useful means of identifying and speaking about these split off parts of her self.

Lee du Plessis is a graduate of the WMIP Jungian Analytical Psychotherapy Training and is in private practice in Birmingham. She is also an Art Psychotherapist and has worked in the NHS in this capacity and continues to do so in her private practice.

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