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17th May 2010

Mirroring, Marking and Meaning-Making: an exploration of the parent’s role in an infant’s developing sense of self.

Speaker: Joanna Tucker

In this talk Joanna will use video recordings of parent-infant interactions as an aid to thinking about how an infant’s sense of self develops, and how the failure of parents to mirror , mark and make-meaning of their infant’s behaviour can result in a disordered sense of self for the infant, and lifelong disadvantage.

Joanna Tucker’s passion is working therapeutically with the parent-infant relationship. She has been involved with the Oxford Parent-Infant Project since 1999, as a clinician, trainer, and supervisor and, from mid January 2010, as Acting Director. She completed the WMIP Jungian Training in 1997. She has been an infant observation seminar leader for the Jungian Training Committee for the past 10 years. She is a Professional Member of the WMIP.


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