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'Working with Racial Diversity in the Consulting Room' chaired by Sandra Harrison.

Monday 20 June 2016

This meeting was for WMIP members only

This month the Events Committee is trialing a new format for our Monday evening meeting. We are inviting members to read a paper by Kimberlyn Leary on the issue of racial diversity: Leary, K (2012). Race as an Adaptive Challenge: Working with Diversity in the Clinical Consulting Room. Psychoanalytic Psychology, 29:279-291. This paper can be accessed on PepWeb, and will be used as a springboard for an evening of discussion in which colleagues share their experiences involving issues of race that they may have encountered in their work.

Leary discusses the problem, or opportunity, that is raised when the issue of race is enacted in the psychotherapy consulting room, and how this always looks different to the patient and the analyst, as a function, according to Leary, of our "different loyalties, values and habits". She suggests that clinical moments like these are replete with opportunities that can be realised or lost, and goes on to stress how it is incumbent on us as analytic clinicians to recognise when effective engagement with racial matters means accepting that we are indeed part of the picture. Following this thought, Leary states that "when race is framed as an adaptive problem, the people involved recognise that they each own a piece of the problem, apart from their own personal psychologies, intentions or histories". She writes,"Enhancing clinical practice with respect to race obliges us to expand our analytical pedagogy beyond that of the intrapsychic, the intersubjective, or even the relational. Our clinical formulations also need to take an authentic account of the social psychology of racial experiencing." Of greatest significance perhaps in what Leary is examining is her assertion that substantive change always requires us to renegotiate our loyalties, to refind ourselves, and it is this she argues that makes new conversations possible.

As this evening will involve the discussion of clinical material this event will be open to WMIP members only.

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