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Accessibility options - text size

If you need larger text you can use the facilities of your browser to increase the text size:
Click CTRL and + to increase text size and CTRL and - to reduce the size. To return to normal size click CTRL and 0 (zero).

Adobe Acrobat (pdf)

Various documents are provided in .pdf (Acrobat) format. Click on the title to open in a new browser window or tab or right click and download and save to a location on your computer and then open the document in the usual way. The behaviour depends very much on how you have your browser set up. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat reader on your computer you can download it from here.

The pdf format has advantages including:

  • it provides a faithful reproduction of the document on nearly all printers
  • it cannot easily be modified or accidentally changed, so it is useful for documents such as “terms and conditions”, safety manuals and proposals.
  • it has in-built search facility (CTRL+F)
  • for large documents it produces a smaller file size than, for example, a Word doc.


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Members’ - only sections

WMIP members have a web site which is private to WMIP members. Each member will be sent the user name and password to access the WMIP member site and the WMIP forum.

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